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How to install Joomla! CMS?

Joomla CMS software depends heavily on database for its operation. The database is most important component before installing JOOMLA on local host. Luckily the Joomla installation is easy and quick. Here today we will know how to install Joomla the Content Management System. Done with your Joomla web development and get your website done on Joomla platform.

The article speaks regarding the installation of JOOMLA 1.5 on top of previously installed WAMP server. Here you can learn how to install joomla before using the platform on your computer. These are some easy joomla installation setup steps. Avail with some easy steps of Joomla manual installation.

At first you have to visit and download the version you like to install. Then you have to create a separate folder on hard drive of your computer. You have to UnZIP the Joomla component development file there. While using the FTP program upload all the files from the folder to public html folder of your web site.

Remember while uploading files via FTP go to your CPanel, you have to create MySQL database and user. Once you finish uploading, you have to open a browser and type the URL of your website. Then depending on version you have to choose a language of installation and then click on next.
Be prepared that now you see Pre Installation Check - on this hosting. All the data should be ok, so click next. Then you have to read GNU General Public License, then agree and click next. The following step is, insert your database name, user name, password and host name. You might be asked for pitting your FTP details, then click next. Finally you are in the step when you have to fill your e-mail, site name, admin password. You should remember every detail you put and click on next. Then copy everything from the window with code.

You should open a notepad to paste all copied information there. You can name the file configuration.php. Then upload this file to the director, the place where Joomla is installed. You can delete the folder once it is installed. Your system and you are ready for joomla development.  


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