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What is the Hourly Rate of Joomla Programmers?

Joomla! today is one of the best tools for creating, developing and maintaining websites and even blogs, this CMS or Content Management System is free to use and to develop globally. Joomla! is under the GNU and GNP free license which states that anyone can use and develop the software under some rule and regulations without any technical knowledge. Well, it is not so great to reside in those kinds of things and the important thing to know is that Joomla! is very powerful, free and pretty easy to use.

Why are CMS important by the way? And What is the hourly rate of Joomla Programmers? This type of questions comes on every individual minds but it should be explained first in order for one to know the full capability of Joomla! CMS. Content Management System is specially made in order for web developers and web masters to easily manage their contents on their websites, most websites are easy to code in HTML and CSS and the big task is to maintain its contents.

A new website can be easily managed, designed, and developed without CMS, you have only about a hundreds of articles, images, videos and some links to juggle around the site and it would only take about a few minutes to take care of all these kinds of things. Three months after the website creation and maintenance and joomla component development would take more than a few hours to complete, the growth rate of the time needed to manage a website has already grown exponentially, but with CMS programs like Joomla!, your site exponential time growth rate is impossible. Joomla! Has become one of the most popular form of CMS today, it supports all versions of PHP and MYSQL that are one of the most important tools in making a good website.

Joomla! Also has a user-friendly graphic user interface, expelling the old school style of website building through hard coding and with a few clicks in Joomla!, polls, articles, links, etc can be easily managed. Backing up a website is also simple in Joomla!, it is a useful tool in editing a website since system crashes and file corruption can always happen, there are also lots of plugin's and extensions which other programmers have develop for Joomla! and it adds more security to the powerful CMS program.

If you need any Customized Joomla Development Services you can Connect with Joomla Web Developer. The Joomla programmers available for hiring can provide you with hourly, weekly and monthly basis Joomla development services for your business web development at very affordable rates. The developer will work closely with you and keep you updated on the progress of the project on a daily basis.


  1. As per my research of USA market in USA Hourly rate of Joomla Developer is $60-$70 per Hour. In United Kingdom Joomla Developer Hourly Rate is £30-£40 per Hour.
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