Monday, 19 March 2012

Is Joomla The Most Powerful CMS or WordPress?

WordPress is an easy to build web development kit that can even be used by a novice but that’s precisely where the advantages run out. If you are looking to build a website that has lot of functionalities like E-Commerce Wordpress would not be an ideal choice. The integration of shopping cart can be cumbersome in Wordpress. The other major issue with Wordpress is – if you try and upgrade the functionalities or if you are trying to make further modifications it tends to get riddled with bugs. Even the WordPress community seems to complain about the same.

On the other hand, Joomla for us, simply costs too much money and time in the long run, even with experience, in comparison with WordPress. I love Joomla when I spend time in it and WordPress too. If you want to build a big document, then use Joomla.

Also, Joomla is a fantastic CMS, but WordPress is just so much simpler for most people to get to grips with. Joomla and WordPress both are good and better open source content management system. Many people think that WordPress can be used only for blogging, you can easily configure it for other work. Also, it is very easy to install on server. The people who have enough knowledge about coding also will build the website without any difficulties. Joomla on other hand is best CMS for designers and administrators. The choice of these website depends on the website purpose and knowledge of joomla web development and design .

Joomla can also be used with a great ease by any user with a little knowledge. User can easily add new page and can modify existing page using the editor support in this. Joomla also support multiple user authentications that means at the same time number of people can log on to the website.

Joomla Developer will vouch for it as it is one of the best content Management systems especially in terms of scalability. Once you foray into Joomla web development you will understand that any functionality can be brought to life with all the customizations that Joomla CMS provides to the developer. Shopping cart and payment gateway integration are the hallmarks of Joomla Development.

With joomla developers can create a range of web applications. Some include:
Small business websites
Corporate websites
e-Magazines and e-newspapers
Real Estate Websites
e-commerce applications
Hotel and Tourism websites
Non-profit and organizational websites
Online government applications
Corporate intranets and extranets
And a number of other web applications.

Joomla offers large capacity for customization and development which makes it a very popular CMS system.

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